New Land, New Life is in full production and will be completed by the end of 2015. In 2009, we completed all the preliminary research and completed successful production trips to New Orleans, Houston, Galveston and Austin that not only accomplished our artistic goals but also raised awareness of DecadesOut’s mission.

Burning to Communicate continued production with key interviews in New York City with award-winning American playwrights Lanford Wilson and William Hoffman. We had already obtained interviews with key OOB veterans Judith Malina of The Living Theatre, Doric Wilson of the Caffe Cino, and Marshall Mason, acclaimed director and founder of the Circle Repertory Theatre.

We have also fostered key alliances with production companies such as LaMama Etc., Lincoln Center, the New York Innovative Theatre Foundation (NYITF), and the League of Independent Theatre (LIT-NY).


Our first theatre development series, The Launch Pad, was produced in January 2010 to great success. Within the series, we worked on new plays from award-winning playwrights and had a great audience turnout. As mentioned above, we also made a wonderful alliance with established production group 3-Legged Dog, a company whose mission is a fitting complement to ours.

Going forward, we rae currently planning another theatre development series with teh goal of producing our first full production in 2011.

Visual Arts

We had our first visual art exhibition in October 2009 at the ABCyz Salon in which we displayed a mixed media photographic piece focusing on the science of memory and desire. We presented our piece with over 30 artists in the salon.

By the end of 2010, we wil also implement our online visual arts galleries with the goal of moving toward live gallerry exhibitions along with our other live events.

DecadesOut has been created with hope and belief in a future that builds on the connections that exist between us and the universe we live in, and we look forward to growing in our work and sharing in the work of other artists.